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I can now see the wood AND the trees

01 Feb 2019

I’ve now managed to get Forestry linked up to my GitHub/Jekyll install. It’s taken a bit of time to master but seems to be working fine now. Only thing that’s not quite right is the Jekyll Menu plugin. It seems to work fine on the preview, it’s just in the live environment that it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m hoping posting this will force a rebuild of the site and get it working. 🤞

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New Year, New Website, New Philosophy

21 Jan 2019

I’ve been pretty slack over the last few years when it comes to working out loud (WOL). I do have a blog but just a quick check through the archives reveals an average of one or two posts per year. Although the posts themselves are fairly comprehensive and thoughtful (even if I do say so myself) given the irregular posting it’s not surprising that it’s hardly a hive of activity or engagement. Instead of WOL through long form blog posts, I’ve tended to focus more on microblogging via Twitter.

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Meaningful management: How to find purpose as a leader

20 Oct 2015

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As a rookie local government manager, I've been trying to get a grasp of transitioning from getting meaning & purpose from operational outcomes to ones which come from being more strategic at work.

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